Live Online Coaching for NEET MDS
180 Hours High Yield Revision
Best Medical & Dental Faculty across India
It is Live Online 2 Way Interactive Broadcast !! Not just a Video App
- Coaching is 99% Inspiration, Mentoring and 1% Perspiration.
- Study every day in Highly Focussed Manner for 180 Hours to become NEET MDS Topper.
- Study what is Needed. Study what is Tested.
- Right Material, Right High Yield Topics, Right depth of concepts is essential secret formula for becomingNEET MDS Topper.
- Don't waste time in running around to costly Face-to-Face didactic Lecture classes and get bored.
- Don't demotivate with High Volume Video Lecture Apps that you cannot consume in limited time.
- The consortium of best Medical Teachers who are Toppers in MDS Medical entrance themselves and created many Toppers, past 20 years, hold your hand every day and lead you to become topper.
- Sit at home comfortably, live chat with Teacher and enjoy a great Learning Journey everyday.
Beere Suresh
I am a physics teacher. I like to have challenges to teach for the students in an innovative way. I teach the concept to students with a huge depth and daily practices whis actually doing in our daily life.
I have 4 years of experience in teaching.
I have been selected as Personal teacher for Vedantu IIT students
Max Remonex
Customers Support
Nicola Zimakis
Project Manager
Johanna Winter
Marketing Director
Michael Rimm
PR manager
Dina Sannos
Design lead
Lara Nils
Dmitry Stotov
SMM lead
180 Hours Live Online Programme
Rainy Batch June 15 - Sept 30 Monday to Saturday 7 pm -9 pm
Crash Course 1 Oct 1- Oct 31 Daily 30 Days 10 am - 1 pm and 2 pm -5 pm
Crash Course 2 Nov 1- Nov 30 Daily 30 Days 10 am - 1 pm and 2 pm -5 pm
Crash Course 3 Dec 1- Dec 31 Daily 30 Days 10 am - 1 pm and 2 pm -5 pm
Summer Batch Feb 15 - Jun 15 Monday to Saturday 7 pm -9 pm
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