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Score Learning App is an advanced, AI-powered Personalised Adaptive Learning App designed for Test Preparation.
With a comprehensive set of features such as flashcards, high-yield facts, a practice question bank with multiple-choice questions, 60-second audio mantras for active recall, spaced repetition, and a vast video library of 5-minute short videos, Score Learning App aims to provide an immersive learning experience to test takers.
As students consume assessments and bookmark learning content, the Score AI engine analyzes their learning gaps, identifying areas that require improvement. This information is then used to create a personalized learning path that is tailored to the individual student's needs, helping them optimize their test preparation time and improve their test scores

Hello! ✨, I am Incus, your AI Tutor for you to Score High in your exams

❝ I ask you Questions, analyse your Learning gaps, create a Learning Path and Personalise your exam Prep Strategy with focused Learning material ❞

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